Hygiene masks type II (SFOPH spec) - 20pcs

Hygiene masks type II (SFOPH spec) - 20pcs

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Mouth and nose protection masks / Type II hygiene masks in accordance with SFOPH recommendations:

- 3-ply, blue, sterile packed with 20 masks each
- Elastic earbands & flexible noseband
- one size: 17,5 * 9,5cm
- Use: 24 months from date of manufacture
- For single use
- Not returnable when open


The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (SFOPH) recommends that the public have a personal supply of 50 hygiene masks per person:

• Hygiene masks protect the wearer from droplets, splashes and coarse particles.
• Avoid touching the hygiene mask while wearing it.
• Replace the hygiene mask with a new, clean and dry hygiene mask as soon as it becomes wet.
• Hygiene masks must not be used more than once and must be disposed of after use. Only touch the ear loops when disposing. 
• Store hygiene masks in a cool and dry place.

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